Last week I decided travel to Meziměstí.I've never been so far by myself:).It was like..6+ hours in couple of trains, I couldn't sleep because of changing trains. It was hard because on friday I was traveling late at night and on sunday in early morning.
We spent weekend talking, laughing, kissing, drinking red wine, adoring old cemetery, listening to music, playing guitar, watching Submarine..
But some people told me certain things (right to face and behind my back too). So I found out that I am such a junkie, anorexic bitch who purge food, use drugs and doesn't even wash herself. Yeah,people just look at me and they truly know me...SO.FUCKING.LOVELY.

Anyway..I saw several beautiful cities(well..mostly train stations and quick sight of a city from it) on a way.By the way it's nothing to be proud of but i was smoking cig on 6 different train stations that weekend:D.
And I can tell you after such way,poor amount of sleep and few insults told to meI was never so glad arriving to Brno. It was like...yesss..I am fucking home (not literally but i live near, I know Brno well, and after this..I love it more than ever before!)

Funny thing happend on friday..handsome guy was sitting infront of me, falling asleep and freaking out he miss station..just like I did..and we talked and then promised each other to wake ourselves up...Well maybe it's not funny but normal..but yay I talked to a stranger:3 (i know I am freak-.-)

sorry for my messy english

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